About Us

Environmental solutions made easy

Established in 1996 and proud to be Australian owned and operated, Absorb Environmental Solutions has offices and depots in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville and Perth. We provide products, services and training to all states and territories.

Absorb Environmental Solutions is respected for being technically rigorous and responsive to our clients needs by providing world class environmental solutions to a wide range of processes and industries across Australia.

We are committed to providing quality service, and pride ourselves on being easy to deal with and keeping it simple and practical. We have shown a willingness to help deliver a solution for any issue our clients may have, providing ease of access to our sound technical environmental advice and expertise.

Our experienced staff specialise in advising our customers about the right products to suit each application or where a different approach might be required.

Mission Statement

We ensure that our customers are leaders in reducing the environmental impact of, and ensure the sustainability of their operations. We do this by creating and implementing world class environmental products, training and services.

Vision Statement

Absorb is the leading provider of environmental training, products and services.

We are acknowledged as an innovative organisation that makes a difference to the sustainability of our clients.

Company Values Statement

Work to live – not live to work

Provide a place to work where people feel appreciated and can grow

Deal with others honestly, ethically and with generosity.

Protect and enhance the environment we live in with passion and vigour.

Sustainability Statement

Absorb Environmental Solutions is committed to operating in a sustainable fashion – managing environmental, social and economic risks and responsibilities. This is implemented and supported by all levels of management and staff.  We will continually strive to research and introduce new innovations in improving both our company and our clients sustainability.

Quality Service Statement

We are committed to providing quality service, and pride ourselves on being easy to deal with and keeping it simple and practical.

We are proud to say we built our business on positive word-of-mouth which continues to this day.  We value this for the impact on the future success of our company, and view referrals as a key indicator of our client’s satisfaction.

Our team measures it’s success in terms of value added to our clients operations and a reduction in the environmental impact and improved environmental sustainability of these operations.