As he was completing his final assignment, Absorb Environmental student Ray Oakland took the first known photo of a rare plant being pollinated.


Oakland was undertaking a Diploma of Environmental Management with Absorb when he captured the unique image.


Only one insect (okay, it’s not a bee) can pollinate the Rutidosis Lanata plant, which Oakland was trained to identify by an onsite ecologist.


“He found the first few [plants], and out of a batch of about 300, one of them was in flower and I was lucky enough to take a photo, as the bug that pollinates it was on the flower,” Oakland said.


“It’s so unique in that there aren’t any existing pictures that I’m aware of, except for the one that I took, of the plant being pollinated.”


Meanwhile, Oakland said the ecologist was eager to publish his photo.


“He was excited to get his hands on it,” he said.


Oakland found the diploma to be very useful and practical, and believes it is a course that every Safety and Environmental officer should participate in.


“We’ve got to take better care of our environment. There’s going to need to be a lot more understanding about what goes on in our environment in order for us to have a long-term future,” he said.


“It was a pretty extraordinary course, I enjoyed the whole process.”


The experience has inspired Oakland to do more, and hopes to have the opportunity to work on environmental projects in the future.


“It was an absolutely extraordinary experience to see the level of care, attention-to-detail and enthusiasm from fellow students for the environment, it just made me want to do more.”


Published on 10th April 2013

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