Absorb NRT Erosion – Erosion Control & Spill Response Training

Course Overview - MSMENV172 Identify & Minimise Environmental Hazards

The Absorb NRT Erosion training provides staff with a basic level of training in environmental awareness and spill kit induction with spill simulations to develop practical hands on experience, as well as the installation or maintenance of sediment control devices and the management of erosion and sediment control. This course provides a level and depth of training that highlights relevant environmental legislation, explains environmental harm caused by erosion and sediment and covers management solutions. Training is aimed at the general employee. This course will provide the necessary environmental training to address your due diligence requirements.

Training Objective & Outcomes

The objective of this training is to reinforce policy on such as environmental legislation, hazard
identification, PPE requirements, spill response, report and reorder procedures, as well as prevention guidelines.

This Absorb Spill Response Training covers:
Relevant legislation and the environmental Duty of Care
Risk management/risk reduction: local and global risks
Defensive/offensive spill management
Your role within the Site Spill Plan
Analysis of sensitive areas on the spill site
Correctly identify and handle hazardous materials
Spill response procedures
Contain and recover hazardous materials and other liquid spills


Training Resources

Training Room, Whiteboard/ Screen Area. 

Area to conduct spill response exercise.



Formal assessment: Theoretical Knowledge by written or verbal answers. Practical
performance is assessed during simulated spill exercises.


The competency gained is based on theoretical knowledge and practical simulation.
This is a Nationally Recognised Training course where, upon successful completion, the trainee receives a Certificate of Competency






Who should attend

All those who are responsible for, and may have to respond to, liquid spills.





Your Site


Course Size

Maximum 20 attendees


Course Enquiries

Additional Cost (may apply)
•If our trainer needs to travel from a major centre, travel and accommodation costs may also be
added at the date of invoicing.
•If training is delivered outside normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8.00am – 5.00pm) a15% surcharge
may apply