Environmental Site Audit

Environmental Site Audit

The Environmental Site Audit consists of the following:


A Site Survey will be conducted to cover environmental aspects at each site. The outcome of the site survey will be separate written reports which will detail the actions taken since the last survey at each site and those needed to be taken to meet the requirements of current legislation, and minimise the potential to pollute and an assessment of the effectiveness of your current environmental plans and strategies. An Aspects Register will be prepared detailing the specific risk issues to be addressed at each site.  This survey will act as a template for you to implement remedial measures at each site.

The Environmental Site Auditor is a professionally qualified and experienced person.

The scope will include:

  • Progress on previously identified issues
  • Compliance with your site license and legislative obligations
  • Review of physical conditions on site

Where relevant major contractors on site will be included in each site survey.


The Environmental Auditor will meet with you to discuss the risks outlined in the Survey Report and propose strategies to address these risks.