First Aid Kit Service Program

After many years of requests from our client base to add  first aid kit servicing to our visits, Absorb Environmental Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our Modular First Aid Kit Service program to complement our Environmental Service program.

Our new modular first aid kits are workplace compliant and enable you to quickly access exactly what is needed in an emergency. In addition to being highly visual and tamper sealed, these kits make auditing a breeze

Take back control of your first  aid kits on site. By joining our program

  • You will receive brand new cabinets fully stocked with appropriate modules to suit your workplace
  • You will take control of your costs as the only payable fee is annual and fixed
  • You will be able to create a rule to report an incidence if a module is opened
  • You will receive modules with two years minimum life
  • You will be comforted to know we will remove any modules with six months or less life once the program is in place
  • You will receive an electronic report on completion of each visit to further your compliance requirements

The clearly dated Absorb Modular First Aid Kits contain discrete sealed modules to cover the required range of injuries. These include:

  • Eye Injuries
  • Minor Wounds
  • Treatment Module Small


  • Burns
  • Serious Wounds
  • Treatment Module Medium
  • Food Industry
  • Sprains
  • Treatment Module Large


Our First Aid Kits;

  • Meet WHS Requirements
  • Are inspected and maintained routinely.
  • This is a fixed prices service. Restocking is unlimited at each scheduled visit. There is no additional cost.
  • Modular Components are sealed to ensure contents are fit for purpose at all times.
  • Housed in rugged Wall Units, Carry Cases or Vehicle Kits (Supplied)