Environmental Site Survey

Environmental Site Survey

The environmental survey and assessment consists of the following:

Site Survey

A site Survey will be conducted in two stages focusing on:

  1. Review the existing Environmental Management System. This is conducted using a desktop question and answer session using a 71 item questionnaire
  2. Identify Site Environmental Management Aspects and any associated non-conformances. This is conducted by a physical site inspection of all environmental issues on site that have potential to create an impact on the environment. Non-conformances identified during this inspection are recorded by photo
  3. The outcome of the site survey will be a written report detailing the actions needed to be taken to meet the requirements of current legislation and minimise the potential to pollute; an Aspect Register/ Non-conformance Register detailing the specific risk issues to be addressed; and a list of recommended actions required to reduce the identified risks. This survey will also act as an Action Plan for you to implement remedial measures at your site
  4. The Site Survey and Assessment is conducted by an experienced Absorb Environmental Surveyor


Absorb personnel will meet with you to assess the risks outlined in the Survey report and agree on the next actions to be taken and the program for implementation


Schedule and implement actions as required


Preparation of upgraded of Site Specific Stormwater Management Plan, Waste Management Plan, Environmental Management Plan and Emergency Spill Contingency Plan for the site as required