Be prepared and lower your environmental risk

Our On-site Environmental Services will lower your environmental risk and ensure you are meeting your environmental due diligence. They are pre-programmed so you don’t have to remember, or worry about a thing!

Let us help you today. Book any of the following services:

  •  Environmental Site Inspection will identify aspects and non-conformances on your site and provide you with an action plan to manage them.
  •  Spill Kit Service Program provides a comprehensive supply, auditing and management of spill kits across your entire site.
  •  Emergency Showers and Eyewash Inspection will ensure these units are operational when needed and meet the Australian Standard.
  •  Dangerous Goods Cabinet Inspection will ensure these units are operating effectively and meet the relevant Australian Standard.
  • Our Drain Warden Service ensures that your Drain Warden stormwater filtration devices are installed, cleaned and replaced when required. Drain Marking Service will ensure your stormwater drains are easily identified on site. This provides an effective way of communicating to staff and contractors where drains go and the effect polluting drains can have.
  • Spill Kit Stencilling Service provides marking on the ground to designate the location of your spill kits, to ensure they are returned to the appropriate location when not in use.
  • First Aid Kit program is workplace compliant and enable you to quickly access exactly what is needed in an emergency. In addition to being highly visual and tamper sealed, these kits make auditing a breeze.
  • Environmental Site Inspection – Why not take the hassle out by having an enhanced Environmental Maintenance Program that literally keeps you prepared for environmental incidents. Pre-Programmed – so you don’t have to remember, or worry about a thing!
  • Environmental Site Survey – The 3 steps to Absorbs site survey’s are assessment, implementation and planning
  • Environmental Site Audit – Consists of a survey and assessment procedure.