Environmental Site Inspection

Environmental Site Inspection (ESI)

The environmental site inspection consists of the following:


We pioneered the spill kit service to ensure your spill kits are maintained, stocked and audited for due diligence and in preparation of an unlikely event of a spill. The ESI is the natural evolution of Absorb’s Spill Kit Service Program and designed to provide you with a more complete management tool to control and over-see any Environmental issues on site.

Preliminary Site Inspection

Initially Absorb Environmental Solutions personnel will visit your site and:

  • Survey the site as per our 55 element Environmental Checklist
  • Supply sound advice from our trained staff on risk reduction solutions for identified environmental non-conformance and other issues
  • We will then report to you using the completed electronic Environmental Checklist Report including photos
  • The ESI is conducted by our qualified Service Technicians

Ongoing Site Inspection and Service Information

After the initial ESI and report, to help you maintain your due diligence, ongoing regular site ESI’s with our Environmental Checklist and Aspect Reporting Report annually or bi-annually. The frequency of the repeat inspections may vary from site to site and will be agreed at the initial Site Inspection. Any issues are noted and reported to you on the spot and via email.


To ensure your site remains environmentally compliant with current environmental legislation and maintain due diligence, each report aims to highlight any issues on your site that may require attention or additional controls. Environmental risk reduction is a key focus to reduce environmental impacts and reduce downtime for site productivity.