Environmental Site Inspection

Environmental Site Inspection

Why not take the hassle out by having an enhanced Environmental Maintenance Program that literally keeps you prepared for environmental incidents. Pre-Programmed – so you don’t have to remember, or worry about a thing!

  • Worried about maintaining your Duty of Care?
  • Want to improve your environmental performance?
  • Need to ensure compliance with Environmental Legislation?
  • Finding the time to complete regular spill kit checks difficult?

We pioneered the spill kit service to ensure your spill kits are maintained, stocked and audited for due diligence. The Environmental Site Inspection improves on that concept.

“It’s like an old fashioned service station check (oil, water, tyres etc) only it’s an environmental site inspection!”

This service has been shown to identify previously hidden problems, avoid expensive events and minimise the risk of non-compliance.

How it works

Our tertiary qualified Environmental Technicians will conduct an inspection on your site identifying any environmental aspects, non-conformances and any examples of good practice using our 55 point inspection checklist.

We will subsequently provide a written report documenting the result of the inspection. The report uses a traffic light system to identify areas that are compliant (green), Non-compliant – action required (yellow) and Non-compliant – urgent action required (red).

Each identified aspect will include a photo and detailed description of the issue, environmental consequence level, why it needs to be addressed and the action required to reduce the risk and achieve compliance.

Any significant issues or breaches will be brought to the attention of the site contact before leaving site.

Our staff will present the report and review the required actions with the designated site representative, to ensure that the appropriate actions are planned for and agreed upon to reduce the environmental risks of the site.

What’s included

  • General site conditions
  • Spill kits and spill management
  • Waste storage, segregation and disposal
  • Site drainage and stormwater control
  • General environmental site impacts
  • Maintenance/workshop
  • Storage tanks, storage compounds, bunds and Dangerous Goods
  • Goods inwards
  • Goods outwards
  • Additional areas