Catch-it Storm Water Drain Baffle

Stormwater & Silt Control / Catch-it Storm Water Drain Baffle
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The Catch-it is a robust storm water drain pollution protection system. Made from solid durable recycled plastic and rubber components, it can be moved from site to site. It is designed for road-side or side entry drains and reduces the amount of sediment or solid pollution entering the drain from the side. The Catch-it comes with a two year pro-rata warranty.

SIZE: 2.4m long – optional extension piece 1.2m long

• Construction sites or earthworks near established side entry drain systems.
• Use in conjunction with the Drain Warden for complete side-entry drain silt containment

• Designed for standard drain dimensions in Qld and NSW. Drain entry must be 100mm high and 1900mm wide to fit.

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