Dangerous Goods Emergency Response Initial Guide – HB76

Training Resources / Dangerous Goods Emergency Response Initial Guide – HB76

Not sure what to do in an emergency involving dangerous goods?

Here is the quick reference guide used by emergency services.

Standards Australia / Standards New Zealand. This guide has been created for anyone that handles dangerous goods and to give advice to those persons in the case of a dangerous goods emergency. The general overview throughout the emergency response guide was developed by Standards Australia and includes advice on the following dangerous goods emergency scenarios that involve:

  • Accidents
  • Spills
  • Leaks
  • Fires

Initially the guide was aimed at trained emergency responders; however the generalised advice is also helpful to whoever is first at the scene of the incident. Furthermore, the information in regard to hazards, protective clothing and emergency procedures is crucial knowledge. This guide can be used with the transport or storage of dangerous goods as listed in the 7th edition of the ADG Code and the 16th edition of the UN ‘Orange book’. The lists of UN Numbers and Shipping names correspond with those in the aforementioned documents, and are referenced to the appropriate emergency response guides.

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