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This guide has been designed as a complement to the Sapira series of Spill Response Training Courses. It should provide and easy reference, after the course, of the main themes and concepts behind the Sapira approach to spill response and incident management. It also includes, at the back, a number of exercises and example documents which can be used to both check your level of understanding and improve your existing incident management procedures. 

The author Mark East, BSc, has been involved in the Risk Management Continuity Management was a result of the destruction of his company, a plastics manufacturing business, by fire. As the managing director, he successfully steered the company through the aftermath of the incident and, learning from the results, decided to use those experiences to start Sapira, a Project Risk Management Consultancy in 1992.

Mark’s concepts and theories are based on a common sense approach, pre planning and an acceptance that incidients occur in companies rarely. Incident teams will therefore be relatively inexperienced and lacking regular practice. Drawing on his experience as a former Director of two UK manufacturers of Spill Products this guide and the Sapira approach ensures that some defree of pre planning has taken place before any incident occurs and that the primary actions are undertaken in a safe and controlled manner. Whilst this booklet concentrates on the theory of spill management and reviews typical products available, many of the concepts and ideas that are discussed can be applied to all risks and preventative management systems

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